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Susi Galloway-Newell SHA
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Available for commissions. I acquired my skills as a Heraldic Artist in Switzerland during 4 years of formal study and training under the tutelage of a Heraldic Master. During that time I was member of the Swiss Heraldic & Genealogical Society. Later I relocated abroad and expanded my artistic horizons into fine art, illustrations and design. Currently I reside in Florida, USA . Heraldry has remained a passion and is one of my artistic specialties. With many years of professional experience I have designed and painted countless coat of arms and family trees for individuals, fraternities, businesses, nobility and churches throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

My work as Heraldic Artist covers the designing and painting of intricate coat of arms, shields, family trees, monograms and calligraphy. I also provide digitally designed coat of arms in more modern styles, they are less costly, and work beautifully as logos and stationary etc…, for businesses and professional organizations.

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